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I'm using my skills to boost peoples signals right now, because I can't stand feeling helpless. I'll be painting activists, creators, and allies against oppression as I learn about them. This is Charlene Carruthers, and she fights racial injustice and for LGTBQ rights, and has been organizing people for over 15 years. …And I had never heard of her before I decided to get educated. While I painted her over the past three days, I took the opportunity to listen to everything she's posted on her YouTube channel. And I have to admit, rather sheepishly, that if I had found her content 4 years ago, I'd have dismissed her as "over-reacting" or "too extreme" And that's on me for not actually taking the time to truly listen to the realities of black people. This women is razor sharp, charismatic, and inspirational to her people. She's earned every bit of respect she has. SO. • GO FOLLOW HER @charlenecarruthers • BUY HER BOOKS • LISTEN TO HER SPEECHES ON YOUTUBE Charlene has already empowered herself, but at times like these, leaders like her can't go wrong with even more support. And if you got this far, help this spread over Instagram. I don't give a shit about followers, but I'm not going to half ass my efforts to boost important signals. So, • Like • Share • AND PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT REPPING A CREATOR OF COLOUR FOR THE REST OF US TO GO CHECK OUT. We've all got to work together to find voices to listen to, and creators of colour to genuinely follow/ support. • • • • • #blacklivesmatter #BLM #standtogether #resist #resistance #endracism #justiceforgeorgefloyd

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