Humble Beginnings

Infinite Potential

At the time, it was just a fun little experiment.

Looking back on it now, it’s hard to describe why I was excited the first time I etched a picture into a knife. The clearest thing I remember is the sense of permanence. How the knife I used would be forever emblazoned with my work.

My First Etch

Traditional Craftsmanship

Perfect Imperfection

Embracing the heritage of printmaking.

I began learning everything I could about etching, from circuit boards to fine intaglio printing plates. As I studied the methods used by the masters of old, I fell in love with the art form.

There are a lot of factors that go into the etching process. Everything from the composition of the steel to the ambient temperature of the air can influence the outcome of the work. As a result, every blade that I make has unique quirks that emerge during the etch.

Knowing that I have a hand in every step of the process is a point of personal pride. It reminds me that in a time of automation and mechanical precision, there’s still room for handmade work.

Precious Tools

Elegant Artwork

An unexpected responsibility

As my experiments bloomed into a craft, I began to imagine the history each blade could have — the meals made and the people who would eat them, the memories intertwined with the knife… and the person who would inherit it next. Realizing that these objects could exist after I’m gone spooked me. 

I developed a respect for the endurance of the artwork. I aim to create elegant, timeless designs on reputable knives from respected makers. If you take one of my blades on your culinary journey, I want it to be something you always reach for with a sense of excitement and pride. A knife you could build a legacy with.