At first, it was just a one-off project.

And to be honest, I didn’t expect ever to do it again. But when I held that first knife, I think I was hooked. It was satisfying to run my fingers along the blade, feeling the artwork embedded in its surface.

My First Etch

One knife turned into five.

As I studied etching applications and techniques, my appreciation for the craft deepened. I found that I like the challenge of pushing traditional etching methods to their limits. There’s just something perfect about the imperfection of handmade work, especially in a time of automation and mechanical precision.

As my experiments bloomed into a craft, I began to imagine the history each blade could have — the meals made and the people who would eat them, the memories intertwined with the knife… and the person who would inherit it next. Realizing that these objects could exist after I’m gone awed me. 

I developed a respect for the endurance of the artwork. I aim to create elegant, timeless designs on reputable knives from respected makers. If you take one of my blades on your culinary journey, I want it to be something you always reach for with a sense of excitement and pride. A knife you could build a legacy with.