Anniversary Gifts

When people see my work, they assume it’s purely ornamental

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I intentionally work on blades used by thousands of chefs around the world, renowned for their design, materials, fit, and finish. The artwork is meant to enhance the cooking experience, not detract from it.

Made for those who love to cook

Knives like these will never be a casual purchase, and I get that. People normally buy them for an anniversary, milestone birthday, or as a graduation present for an aspiring chef. They are gifts for life, made for people who are excited to hold them, admire them, but ultimately to cook with.

In a way, each chef knife is incomplete when it’s brand new. A blank slate that needs memories forged into it.

Exclusive artwork etched in small batches.

Each knife you see is one of only ten on the planet, and it always will be. I’m committed to making everyday objects into rare artefacts with my artwork. Each blade is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. No one will ever have a knife quite like yours.

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