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How it Works

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What’s the scope of the project?
I’ll ask about the knife and your ideas for the art, then send you a comprehensive quote for the job

The quote is based on the size of the work area, the condition of the knife, and the complexity of the design

Seal the Deal

Handling the paperwork
If you like what you see in the quote, I’ll get you to sign off on it

I’ll send an invoice for a down payment and once it’s squared away we’ll get to work

Make it Happen

Getting down to business
I’ll collaborate with you to create the artwork

When we’re happy with the design, I’ll perform the etch, wrap things up, and send the knife your way

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Requesting a Quote

Knife Details

First, I’ll have to assess the knife to make sure I can work on it. The assessment also helps me to get a feel for the shape and size of the work area.

If you’re interested in a new knife, I can order your pick directly for the job and add its cost to the quote. That way, it’s not a hassle for you if the knife arrives damaged from the supplier or doesn’t arrive at all. I’ll deal with them directly.

If you’ve got a blade you want me to work on, I’ll ask you for some pictures and a few details about your knife.

Sometimes our well-loved knives develop deep scratches, dents, or pitting over the years.

I’m happy to work on them, but they will require some prep work to refresh the surface and make it suitable for my etching work.

*I am not equipped to repair broken tips or chipped edges

Design Details

Next is the fun bit. Tell me about what you want to have on your knife! Is there a particular theme or style you were thinking of?

As a formality, these are my design restrictions:

I won’t do anything that includes symbols used by hate groups or otherwise promotes hatred.

I don’t do anything pornographic.

I don’t do fan art/ anything that infringes on someone’s copyright. *

* I’m willing to make something inspired by existing media or paying homage to it, but I can’t use specific logos, symbols, characters, etc.


Quote & Contract

Once I assess the knife and consider the design, I’ll send you a project proposal that includes the quote and serves as a contract for my services.

If you’re still interested in proceeding, you’ll have the option to sign the document digitally.

Payment & Timeline

With the contract signed, I’ll issue an invoice for a down payment. Half of the quoted price is due before I begin working, and the other half is due upon completion.

I ask for 6 to 8 weeks to complete a project, marked from the start date stated in your project proposal. If you need something done more quickly, please include your deadline in the form below! I’ll try my best to make your deadline work with my schedule.


Creating the Artwork

I’ll draw some ideas to show you, and you’ll have opportunities to let me know what you like or dislike, and to ask for changes. If you’re not happy with something, just let me know!

As I integrate your feedback, we’ll work towards the final artwork for the project.

The Etching Process

With the artwork settled, I’ll get to work on your knife. I’ll prep the blade for the process, perform the etch, refinish the surface, and sharpen the knife.


Final Payment & Delivery

I’ll let you know when I’m in the cleanup/ hand sanding phase so we can start arranging for delivery. Then, I’ll confirm your shipping details and issue the final invoice.

Once the invoice is paid, I’ll pack everything up and send it your way! Along with your knife, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity and a signed print of the concept art.

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